Admission Guidance

We review your profile and make recommendations for institutions and courses based on your eligibility. By completing the necessary research for you to enroll in your preferred university and providing you with all the relevant information, we attempt to make things simple for you.

In addition to providing information about financial applications, the cost of individual applications and registrations for each university, we also provide a list of the necessary paperwork, forms, and applications that must be completed. We also assist you with financial counseling for your I-20 statement after you have applied to a university.

University Selection

We are here to help you choose the best university by providing detailed information on more than 500 universities. We are aware of your challenges. Our counsellors have rich experience, are trained by university professionals, and have exposure to the global community.

We review your profile in light of the major or program you have chosen for your study and give you a list of the best universities to attend based on factors like location, tuition, and course load. Based on your profile, we optimize the universities that have been identified for you, present you with the top choices, and assist you in submitting applications to the institutions you choose.

Application Process

It can be difficult to navigate application websites, graduate school forms, and internal application processes. Our committed staff will keep tabs on your university application status and deadlines, provide you with regular follow-ups, provide you with a comprehensive list of all the forms and documents you'll need to fill out and submit, and guide you through the entire application process.

We will assist you in submitting your ETS scores and completing any further online procedures that may be required. Our specialists will check that your SOP and resume are formatted properly, and they'll also evaluate and revise them to make sure they're perfect for you.

Visa Process

Many international students had their visa applications denied, despite being accepted to prestigious universities. Our professional staff has examined the causes of Visa denials and developed a training plan to prepare you for your Visa interview so that you can attend the school of your dreams overseas. We assist you in completing the necessary Visa application paperwork online, including a summary of your financial information. We simplify the process by conducting simulated visa interviews, during which we evaluate your performance and offer constructive criticism.

You can increase your chances of getting into your top-choice university by participating in our practice interviews, which are designed to simulate the actual visa interview.

Financial Aid Service

We understand that financing your education is a significant concern. Our financial aid assistance services for students seeking education abroad are designed to empower aspiring scholars with the necessary resources to pursue their academic dreams on an international stage.

Through strategic partnerships with reputable banking and non-banking institutions, we offer a comprehensive range of financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.